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Sifu Julien Valiquette is officially certified as a fourth generation teacher in the Wu Yi Jie He (武医结合) system of Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine combined. He has more than twenty five years experience in the chinese martial arts. Since the late 80’s he has studied several styles including White Crane, Northern Shaolin and Chaquan Kung fu, Yang and Chen styles of Tai chi and various styles of Qigong. Chen Tai chi
Presently he’s still studying Tai chi and Xing Yi quan (an internal style of Kung fu) with renowned Masters Helen Wu and Simon Hu. Sifu Julien has been teaching kung fu since 1997 and at the request of Master Wu he started to teach Taichi and Qigong in 2010. Sifu Julien also studied and practices Tui Na Acupressure, a system of chinese therapeutic massage based on the principles of chinese medicine

Fujiaolian Shadia Habib has been studying martial arts since 1990 in various arts including Southern Shaolin (White crane) Kung fu, Northern Shaolin and Chaquan Kung fu, Boxing, Kickboxing, Tai chi and Qi Gong. Aside from studying with Sifu Julien Valiquette, she studied Chaquan directly with Master Xu Gong Wei . Shadia also trained in Boxing and Kickboxing under various teachers including former world champions.
Shadia Habib

Shadia is now studying the internal styles of Tai chi and Qigong (with Masters Helen wu and Simon Hu) which she adds to her Energy Medicine clinical practice. She is certified in Medical Qi Gong, Chinese Naturopathy, Tui Na - Chinese Medical Massage, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Classical Homeopathic Medicine, and is a Reiki Master.

In Toronto, Ontario, our teachers: Master Helen Wu and Master Simon Hu

Master Helen Wu was born in Shanghai, China in 1956. She began her training in the martial arts when she was 3 years old, studying under both her grandfather, legendary martial artist Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping and her mother, Grandmaster (Professor) Wang Ju Rong. She became an expert in all the major styles of Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

In 1982, Master Wu graduated from the Department of Physical Education, Shanghai Teachers University and remained as a teacher of sports medicine.

Master Helen Wu
She also studied and practised healing under the direction of her father, Dr. Wu Chengde. She has authored more than twenty articles, and has published five books on subjects including Tai Chi, Wushu and traumatology. Master Wu now teaches Tai Chi credit courses at the School of Kinesiology and Health Science at York University in Toronto, Canada.

Master Simon Hu was born in Shanghai in 1956. He began his training in the martial arts when he was 12 years old, studying under both legendary martial artist Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping (1881~1973), and Grandmaster (Professor) Wang Ju Rong. He was also trained by eminent Chinese Tai Chi Masters, such as Master Gu Liu-Xin and Master He Bin-Quan. Master Simon Hu
He has had 30 years of teaching experience, and has become an expert in all the major styles of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu.




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